High Spirited (a modern ghost series)


Follow Nicky, Dodds and the spirit of Nicky's brother, Damien, as they go from being disbelievers to seasoned paranormal investigators. 

High Spirited ' A Nice Little Earner'.

A Modern Ghost Series

A young, unemployed man, a disbeliever, sees a way of earning some extra cash from the people that believe in the paranormal. After setting himself up as a paranormal investigator, his world is turned up side down when first, he organises a ghost hunt, then investigates a spirit presence, and realises that there is more than he had been willing to accept, especially when he is contacted by the spirit of his dead brother!


Finding that he has a natural gift, and aided by his spirit brother, our character is introduced to another world. A fast-paced story that explores, the after-life, friendship, love, and hope for a better future, this is the first in a series that follows their adventures.

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High Spirited ' A Brush With Death'

A Modern Ghost Series

Available April 2021

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