Based in North Cambridgeshire, England. I am a clinical hypnotherapist, entrepreneur, Youtuber and author of both fiction and non-fiction titles. I have an online cookery course for beginners on Udemy.com (Absolute Beginners Cooking Course) and I create other online content. As far as fiction writing is concerned, my chosen genre is the paranormal which, until proven otherwise, will have to remain in the fiction section of libraries.

In the mid-1400's , Leonardo da Vinci produced around 100 drawings to explain his theories of manned flight.


500 years later, the Wright brothers were able to prove what people had spent centuries believing, without proof.

What I write under the heading of 'fiction' is a combination of creative writing mixed with personal and empirical experience. The books I write as 'non-fiction' are from my own knowledge, analysis and experience of the subject matter.

I am also a public speaker and am always happy to discuss speaking at events.

I can be contacted by use of the form on my contact page.

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