I grew up with a view held by many people.


If God existed, why does he allow terrible things to happen, the holocaust, for instance.

The Jews are a devout faith and you can be sure they prayed, all six million of them, so why did 'he' let it happen.


In time I found my own belief, that inside each body is a ball of energy that we call a soul or spirit. When the body dies, the soul does not, (Einstein: energy never dies) so the 'energy / soul' leaves the body and joins with other souls.


As they join together, each one brings the life experiences and memories with it.


Together, what one knows, they all know. The many become 'the one', the all-seeing and all-knowing. The image of God that is held by many around the world.

So, what can those balls of energy do? They can attach themselves to beings from the living world...people. When those six million men, women and children were being murdered, people knew, and didn't stop it.


Yes, we had a 'World War' but too many people were controlled by fear, so did nothing.

God exists, but not as an old man with a long, white beard looking down from a place called Heaven. God is the name of a collection of good spirits that reside inside 'most of' us. It is people that do or do not take action.