'A Nice Little Earner'

In this first book 'A Nice Little Earner', we are introduced to a young man,

Nicky and his best friend, Dodds. At just nineteen years old, Nicky has lost his older brother, Damien, and his single-parent mother. 'Getting by' on state benefits, topped up with some extra money selling marijuana to his small group of acquaintances, Nicky doesn't believe in much, certainly not the paranormal.

He does, however, see a way of making some extra money from those that do believe, by arranging his own brand of paranormal investigations.


Things change when, on a house investigation, he does actually make contact with a spirit and then, as he starts to believe in the afterlife, he is contacted by the spirit of his dead brother.


Acting as his spirit guide, Damien begins to teach Nicky how to use a natural, psychic 'gift' that he didn't know he had.

Learning a new trade as a painter and decorator, joined by his good friend, Andy Dodds, the two friends begin a journey of discovery as they are called to renovate old buildings, and in doing so, help 'lost souls' to move onto 'the good place'.

Look out for the second book in this series:

HIGH SPIRITED 'A Brush With Death'.

Everything man-made was once just an idea in someone's mind. They believed that they could turn their dream into reality. It's the dreamers that create the world.